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“Raul started a good organization and has a great team behind it. You guys do a great job and all the deals you offer are great. I am sure I will do more investments with you in the future. I like your group. I like that Raul has brought in some good products. It’s a smooth transaction. The company is following what they say and promise at the beginning.”

John Hondangeu 

“I will like to share how the process was. How easy and simple it was to come up with a deal that benefits all of us. Working with Rosy and Raul just made everything very simple. I honestly couldn’t ask for anything better. You are
very professional.”

David Clark 

“I was able to sell my home to you.  There were no problems whatsoever getting the money for my property in a fast and efficient manner. If someone has any questions about working with you, they should just go ahead and ask or work with you. You were very efficient. Closed quick. And you kept true to your word.”

Wilson Clinton

“Obtaining a property with you guys is much easier than doing it through the traditional way. Everything was easy.”

Roman Ramos

“I am a Real Estate Broker and investor and Raul proposed to me a few options for investment properties, and he was very thorough and explained the simple process to acquire properties ready to sell from his company.  I was able to purchase 2 properties that met my investment needs and I was very happy and satisfied with the process and closed them quickly.  The numbers made sense, and I felt it was a great opportunity.  Therefore, my experience working with properties 180 and the team was excellent and I look forward to continuing doing more business with the team in the near future and I thank them for the opportunity”

Danny Perez

“You responded quickly, I really loved how you carried yourself through a very simple process, It did not felt that I was selling that is how hassle-free process was”

Jennifer Toste

I was trying to sell a property for a few months. I looked for different options, experts, friends, but nobody couldn’t help. At this stage, I needed to close fast, really fast. That’s when I found Properties 180. We were able to close the deal quick. I highly recommend Properties 180 to anybody that wants to sell their property fast. .” 

Omar Alcaraz

“It was a pleasant experience working with Properties 180, LLC. Raul and Rosy are both genuine and friendly individuals. They are responsible, professional and deliver as they promise. Look forward to working together on other opportunities.

Teresa Robledo

“Recently I had the privilege to work with Raul Luna from Properties 180. The transaction was an incredibly good experience. Not always can a seller have a listing transaction that is the norm, because of circumstances or a situation they may need the assistance of an investment purchaser like properties 180 that will provide a fair purchase price. A homeowner making the decision to sell is already in for a life-changing and sometimes a stressful time. Raul is able to make the process easier and to help the homeowner understand and make sense of the offered purchase price by providing information and facts that will substantiate the offer. Raul was very professional and more than that respectful to the seller throughout and all other parties involved. I was able to represent properties 180 as the buyer in this transaction and was able to with great confidence that the seller had made the correct decision in choosing which offer to accept. I would and have highly recommended Raul Luna at Properties 180 to colleagues and to other Realtors as an option to help their clients. I eagerly await for the next transaction to represent Mr. Luna on selling or buying a property”

Lisa Rangel, Real Estate Agent

Raul and I have just completed a real estate purchase in which Raul was the Buyer and I represented both the Buyer and the Seller.It was an absolute pleasure working with Raul on this project. He was punctual, honest, attentive and always true to his word. Without a doubt, Raul will be the first investment firm I call when a great new deal should arise. I trust his integrity and know that I can rely on him to be truthful thru the entire escrow process.

Mark Hammond, Real Estate Agent

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