Steps for Modesto Home Buyers to Save Before Buying

Posted by Raul Luna // June 11, 2018

Modesto Home Buyers

It’s a big step to go from Modesto renters to Modesto home buyers.  While it’s exciting but it can also be a lot more difficult than people think.  Even if other bills and student loans aren’t keeping you from saving for the optimal down payment, the amount you pay in rent every month can make […]

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Keys for Manteca Home Buyers to Succeed in a Competitive Market

Posted by Raul Luna // June 4, 2018

Manteca Home Buyers

All indications are pointing to the 2018 housing market as being challenging for Manteca home buyers. In most areas, it’s a sellers market. This means that houses are moving fast, with most lasting only 3 weeks on the market on average.  Manteca home buyers have to move fast because they have little time to find […]

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Should Tracy Home Sellers Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Posted by Raul Luna // May 28, 2018

Home Inspection

It is common to think that home inspections only happen during the due diligence process after a home is already under contract.  But Tracy home sellers can actually get an inspection before they list.  Why would home sellers ever pay for an inspection? Is a pre-listing worth it? The quick answer is yes, there are […]

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Working with Appraisal Contingencies

Posted by Raul Luna // May 21, 2018

Appraisal Contingencies

Congratulations!  You made an offer on the Modesto home and it was accepted.  You signed the contract and paid the deposit.   Now for the bad news: the Modesto house has appraised for less than your offer and now the bank won’t give you a mortgage.  That is why there are appraisal contingencies, just for […]

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How Do Manteca Home Sellers Handle the Cash?

Posted by Raul Luna // May 14, 2018

Manteca Home Sellers

For most of the country, it’s a seller’s market.  Houses are going fast with some being bought up as fast as they go on the market.  If you’re Manteca home sellers, that is good news.  You can get a higher price for your Manteca house which means you might have money in your pocket after […]

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Surprising Ways for Tracy Home Buyers to Negotiate

Posted by Raul Luna // May 7, 2018

Tracy Home Buyers

If you are Tracy home buyers who find themselves a good ways down down the home buying road, chances are you have shopped around for the perfect property for quite a while until you found a place you love.  After being approved for a mortgage, you’ve now made an offer on the Tracy property.  This […]

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A Guide for Stockton Home Sellers and Disclosure

Posted by Raul Luna // April 30, 2018

Stockton Home Sellers

As Stockton home sellers, knowing what needs to be disclosed and what does not can be a tricky tightrope to walk when it’s time to sell your house. Stockton home sellers have a legal obligation to disclose current and past problems to potential buyers.  But how extensive is that obligation? Buyers want to know exactly […]

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Why Modesto Home Buyers Need Extra Cash

Posted by Raul Luna // April 23, 2018

Modesto Home Buyers

After you’ve saved and saved and are ready for all of the expenses that come with buying a Modesto home – the downpayment, moving expenses, closing costs – you are ready to become Modesto home buyers. And while you’ve done the math on how much you can afford, home buyers will want to add a […]

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Manteca Home Buyer Tips to Win the Bidding War

Posted by Raul Luna // April 16, 2018

Manteca Home Buyer

In 2017 almost one out of four houses went for above it’s asking price.  That’s a higher number than the year before.  This shows how competitive the housing market has become for a Manteca home buyer.  Because of this, housing prices are expected to continue to go up especially when there are multiple offer situations. […]

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Are You Moving? Here’s How it Will Affect Your Taxes

Posted by Raul Luna // April 9, 2018


It’s a new year which means a new tax season is upon us.  No matter how you file your taxes you’ll be asked the question: did you move last year? This easy “yes” or “no” question can lead to many more questions and those will determine how much money you get back from the IRS. […]

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