4 Factors in Selling a Modesto House Fast

4 Factors in Selling a Modesto House Fast

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Modesto HouseEach seller wants to sell their Modesto house fast, but that doesn’t always happen. While it’s easy to think that the Modesto sellers who do were just lucky, luck has nothing to do with it. There are specific things that the seller can control that help determine how fast (or slow) a Modesto house is able to sell.

  1. The Listing Price

Pricing the house right is the main key to getting it sold quickly. Many real estate pros will tell you, “any house will sell if it’s at the right price.” But many Modesto sellers are not willing to admit what the true value of their house is. If you price your house at or just below the market value, you are sure to sell it quickly.

However, pricing your Modesto house too high is going to have it sitting on the market for possibly months to come. You have the option of reducing the price if your house isn’t getting any offers, but this is a move that makes you look desperate to potential buyers and gives them the upper hand. You always want to price right from the start.

  1. Being Willing to Negotiate

Sellers that don’t want to negotiate on the price of the house or terms of the deal might have a hard time selling. Buyers want to feel like they got a great deal and will offer you less than the list price. If you are willing to work with them to come to a price you are both happy with, you will be able to sell faster.

  1. Listing Photos

The vast majority of Modesto buyers begin their search online. That means the first impression they get of your Modesto house is from the listing photos. If your photos are subpar, you are going to turn buyers off from your house. Your house should be showing ready before the photos are taken. It is also worth hiring a professional that knows how to get the best lighting and angles of your house.

  1. Using the Numbers

When choosing what to price your house at, you need to consider all the numbers in the Modesto market. How many houses are on the Modesto market? What is demand like?

This year, many areas have experienced very hot seller’s markets. The inventory was low, which caused houses to fly off the market as buyers competed to win the house. This drove up the price of houses and led to many bidding wars.

Look at the average list price and sale price, and use these numbers when determining where to price your Modesto home.

Put these ideas together and you are well on your way to having an advantage over many of the Modesto houses that you are competing against. Be honest about what you are trying to accomplish, and be honest with the buyers about what your Modesto house has to offer. If you need to sell your Modesto house quickly, communicate that so you can create a plan to help you accomplish that goal.

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