7 Tips for Writing a Stanislaus Home Offer You Won’t Regret

7 Tips for Writing a Stanislaus Home Offer You Won’t Regret

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It can be difficult to buy a Stanislaus house in the seller’s market that is underway. When you find the house of your dreams it is easy to start dreaming of all the wonderful memories you will be creating in the house. However, you have to slow down. Your first step toward achieving your dream is going to be writing a Stanislaus home offer that gets accepted. This can be easier said than done.

Here are 7 tips to help you write a Stanislaus home offer that you won’t regret and buyers will love.


Move Quickly

Dragging your feet once you find a Stanislaus home you love can cost you the house altogether. That is especially true today as we are in the middle of a hot seller’s market.

Inventory is down on the Stanislaus market and houses are moving fast. If you wait too long to write a home offer there is a good chance the house will be gone before you have a chance. Be prepared to move quickly with the process.

Make Sure the House is Within Your Budget

In a seller’s market it can be smarter to look at houses that are under your pre-approval amount. Buyers are coming in with strong offers and many sellers are receiving multiple offers on their listings. If you submit an offer that is the exact amount of your pre-approval you could make the seller’s agent nervous.

This sends up a red flag to the Stanislaus seller that you have no room to go higher, and your financing could fall through if the interest rates rise before you make it to closing.

Use a Local Lender

It’s true that there are many online lenders and some of them are completely legitimate, however real estate agents and sellers prefer to work with local lenders. Seeing that the buyer is working with a local lender provides a level of comfort to the seller and the agent.

Submit a Strong Offer

In the past Stanislaus buyers could get away with lowball offers, but times have changed. Since many houses are receiving multiple offers Stanislaus sellers don’t always need to negotiate with buyers.

If you submit a lowball home offer and another buyer submits a strong offer there is a good chance you will lose the house. You are not guaranteed a second chance at the house, so always bring a strong offer if you are serious about buying.

Hire a Home Inspector

You may want to write an offer that entices the Stanislaus seller as well as forego the home inspection contingency. Don’t do it. A home inspection protects you from major flaws that could be happening with the house.

If you skip it you could end up with major expenses in repairs on your hands right off the bat.

Make a Smart Decision

It is tempting to include other people’s opinions when writing your offer, however you don’t want to create a “too many cooks in the kitchen” scenario. You are the person who knows what you are looking for in a Stanislaus house, so don’t let others sway you.

Sell Yourself

The new trend on the Stanislaus real estate market is to provide the seller with a letter explaining why you are excited about the house. You can appeal to the emotional side of the seller. Look for a way to make a connection that will make them want to sell to you over another buyer.

There is a lot more that goes into writing a Stanislaus home offer than just determining a price. Do your research, follow your gut, and write an offer that you will not regret. By following these steps you will also provide the seller with a home offer they can’t pass up.

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