Homes Tracy CA Inspection Finds You Need to Fix Right Away

Homes Tracy CA Inspection Finds You Need to Fix Right Away

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Homes Tracy CA

Looking to sell your Tracy home as quickly as possible? Then you are probably going through the motions right now of working together with a real estate agent, creating your home’s listing, and getting your home all ready to go for the market. One other important step sellers need to take during this process is to have their homes Tracy CA inspection.

Homes Tracy CA inspection are performed by qualified and certified inspectors. This is a vital step in your home’s selling process because this will show you the current health and status of your Tracy home. You want to make sure you aren’t selling a faulty home and that you’re selling the best home you possibly can, right?

Sellers might be a little leery of having a home inspection for fear of what the inspector will find. But if you sell your h Tracy ome and major, critical issues are discovered by the new homeowner immediately upon purchase, then you can be held liable for these damages and could be responsible for getting them fixed.

Therefore, it is better for Tracy sellers to know of these issues ahead of time and fix them if they need.

Here below we will share some of the biggest homes Tracy CA inspection findings that will definitely be required to fix before you put your house on the Tracy market.


If your inspector finds asbestos anywhere in your Tracy home, then you need to quickly get this issue resolved by connecting with a local contractor who specializes in this area. Asbestos has been confirmed to cause cancer and if this substance is found anywhere near your home’s central plumbing, then you can be putting your new homeowners (and yourself) at risk.


Radon is another substance that you need to avoid. The element occurs naturally and is a radioactive and carcinogenic gas.

If your homes Tracy CA inspection finds radon in your home, invest in an active remediation system to solve the issue or tell your interested homebuyer and knock some money off the asking price.


Many homes built between the years 1930 and 1990 have buried oil tanks somewhere near the home on the property. If the oil tank was buried correctly, no issue should be imposed.

But there could be a major concern if the tank is leaking as it will likely be affecting the water system and filtering into it, putting the home’s water in danger. At this point, the tank will need to be removed which can cost thousands of dollars.

Exposed Electrical

If there are active wires and electrical pieces that are exposed, then your Tracy home is facing an extreme safety hazard and needs to be properly updated by a professional electrician or contractor. If you don’t have the time to get this fixed, be sure to let the interested homebuyer know of the issue and consider knocking just a little off your asking price.


Mold can deeply affect someone’s allergies, breathing, asthma, and entire respiratory system. If anyone in your interested homebuyers’ party is affected by mold, then their health will suffer if you don’t fix the issue in your home beforehand. At the very least, let them know that mold has been found.


Lastly, no one wants to move into a Tracy home that has termites. If your home inspection was positive for termites, showing they are present in your home’s structure, then you need to contact a termite company to get the issue resolved as soon as you can.

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