Improve Your Tracy House with These 7 Updates

Improve Your Tracy House with These 7 Updates

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Tracy HouseWhen you are getting ready to sell your Tracy house you want buyers to fall in love with it and be willing to pay for it. A Tracy home update or two can make a big difference in helping you get the price you want. However, each project has different ROI so you want to choose the right project.

Here are seven Tracy home updates that can generate good returns when you sell.

  1. Bathroom remodel

Minor remodels are the way to go on your bathroom and can provide a 102 percent ROI.

You don’t have to gut the whole bathroom to start from the ground up. Consider replacing the tub, toilet, floor, sink, vanity and fixtures for a new look. If you are working on a budget simply re-glazing the tub make a big difference.

  1. Boost your landscaping

You’ve heard how important curb appeal is to bringing the Tracy buyers to your door and the numbers back it up. Fixing up your landscaping provides a 100 percent return on your investment.

Consider sodding the lawn, adding a bold color on the front door and putting in plants and flowers all around. Cut back overgrown trees and show buyers that you are taking care of your property so they don’t need to worry.

  1. Minor Kitchen Updates

Kitchens are one of the rooms that Tracy buyers like the most. You don’t need to do a drastic remodel to get a big impact in the kitchen. Add recessed lighting with updated pendants hanging over the island. Consider refinishing your cabinet doors, adding a classic white subway tile backsplash, and putting new hardware on the cabinets.

  1. Attic conversion

To score a 93.5 percent return on an investment consider converting that unused space in the attic into an extra bedroom. You want to make sure that your existing systems can handle the additional space for things like electrical.

  1. Outdoor living space

Millennials are posed to take over the largest share of the real estate market and one thing they look for in a Tracy house is a great outdoor living space. If your house is missing this consider adding on a deck, patio or porch in order to recoup 90 percent of your investment.

  1. New windows

New windows might not be as flashy as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, but buyers appreciate knowing that they aren’t going to need to replace them for years to come. 10 standard 3×5 windows will cost you a little over $9,500, but on average you’ll get back $8,700 of that money.

  1. Basement remodel

Just like remodeling an attic, fixing up the basement to give buyers more usable space is a wise decision. You don’t have to add the highest end finishes. Instead, look for simple ways to make it look like a finished room. Put up drywall, add a laminate floor, and countertops to create a simple wet bar.

Every Tracy home seller wants to realize a good return on their investment. However, sometimes the best return you can get is not in the amount of the offer, but how quickly you receive it. Some updates will make Tracy buyers want to pay you more, while others will just encourage a buyer to make an offer that might not have otherwise. Before breaking out the hammers, be sure to know what updates are, and are not, worth it.

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