Keys for a Fast Modesto Home Sale

Keys for a Fast Modesto Home Sale

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Fast Modesto Home SaleA Modesto home sale that drags on for months with no interest from potential buyers is every seller’s nightmare. While there are never any guarantees when it comes to a fast Modesto home sale, there are many studies that have been done on the subject.

If you want to sell a Modesto house fast, consider some of these proven strategies:

Price Correctly

Even if you don’t do anything else, a fast Modesto home sale starts with getting the price right. If your Modesto house is priced accurately, it will sell. However, being priced “correctly” might be different than selling for the price you want it to.

If you want to create a fast Modesto home sale, your best bet is going to be to find out what the market value is by looking at Modesto comps. Once you have this price, consider placing your house at or slightly below the Modesto market value to draw in the most amount of buyers.

Stage to Sell

Home staging part art, part science. Modesto home sellers want to decorate the house and arranging the furniture in a way that will make it appeal to the largest number of buyers. This strategy has proven speed up a Modesto home sale more so than those homes that are not staged. If your budget does not allow for a professional home stager, try the following tips to do it yourself:

Clean, Clean, Clean – Every area needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Once you have it cleaned, work to keep it looking like this for every single showing. You never know which buyer is going to be “the one.”

Declutter – Modesto sellers will want to remove your personal belongings and eliminate any clutter. The goal is to make your Modesto house look like it belongs on the pages of a magazine. Pack away the items that you are not going to be using while your house is on the market.

Break Out the Paint Brushes – A fresh coat of neutral paint goes a long way. Use accent pieces to add some pops of color, but keep it uniform throughout the house.

Know Your Market

Millennials are quickly becoming the largest number of buyers in the market. If you want to sell a house quickly, consider marketing it to them.

This means taking into consideration the factors they are looking for. By and large, Millennials love outdoor living areas, gourmet kitchens, and open floor plans. Let in plenty of natural light and show that the Modesto house is great for entertaining.

Be the Bank

There are many Modesto buyers that would love to buy a house but are unable to be approved for a mortgage through traditional sources. If you can make the situation work for you, consider offering financing to potential buyers. You can work together to agree on the terms of the deal and the situation can be a win-win for you both.

The process to sell your Modesto house doesn’t need to be drawn out. Sellers will want to take the time to prepare both yourselves and your house. if you price it right and market it correctly, you will be able to get out in front of the largest number of buyers.

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