Manteca Home Staging Essentials

Manteca Home Staging Essentials

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Manteca Home Staging

While it might feel differently, selling your Manteca home should not be extremely personal. In fact, you want to try and detach yourself from any emotional feeling altogether – the complete opposite approach of buying a house. And this is where Manteca home staging comes into play.

Manteca home staging allows you to remove your personal stamp of ownership on a house while at the same time setting the stage for potential buyers to envision themselves living there. Smart and successful staging will not only boost your Manteca home’s appeal but also your chances of closing on a sale quickly and at a price that you want.

When it comes to successful Manteca home staging, sellers would do well to focus on two rooms in particular: bedrooms and bathrooms. Read below to see how home staging can help separate your home from the rest even in a strong seller’s market.

It is All About the Buyer

If you have lived in your Manteca house for any amount of time, chances are that you stopped noticing those little dents and dings a long time ago. However, your potential buyers will not miss a thing.

Taking the time to complete home staging exercises allows you to see your house with fresh a perspective. This more critical review of your home can help motivate you to take care of – either in terms of repairing or giving away, depending on the situation.

Smart Manteca home sellers will also leverage the home staging process as a way to help in the packing process. By streamlining and downsizing throughout, your move will be much easier.

Bedrooms Whisper Comfort

Bedrooms are a place of relaxation and comfort.  A good Manteca home staging is able to offer this serenity.

When preparing your bedroom, consider the following home staging tips:

  • Consider soft neutral tones when painting
  • Keep the furniture to a minimum (i.e. a bed, a dresser and a few other pieces)
  • Keep your closets clear so as to make them feel larger
  • Pack up all of your shoes, photos and any miscellaneous clutter
  • Decorate with new linens and throw pillows
  • Steam clean the carpets
  • Clean the windows

Beautiful Bathrooms

Because your potential buyers will not be spending a significant amount of time in bathrooms, you really need to ensure that they make a strong immediate impression.

Of course bathrooms should be extremely clean and somewhat modern but you also want to consider:

  • Updating old bathroom fixtures like towel rods and faucets
  • Using luxurious-looking towels that match the bathroom’s color scheme
  • Placing fresh flowers throughout the bathrooms before an open house takes place
  • Creating a spa-like atmosphere with scented candles and soaps

Clean is King

One of the main factors in a Manteca house coming across at attractive is cleanliness. As the goal of Manteca home staging is to allow buyers the opportunity to imagine themselves living in your home, you do not want them to imagine living in a dirty home.

The easiest way to ensure this is to start scrubbing.

  • Scrub away any mold and mildew
  • Make sure there are no lime stains left by hard water
  • Have your windows sparkle
  • Steam carpets
  • Make sure your curtains are dust free
  • Get rid of any bad smells like wet dog or cigarette smoke

When it comes to selling your Manteca home, you need to do everything you can to stack the deck in your favor. Home staging is a great tool you can leverage for doing just that.

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