Modesto Homeowners: How to Ballpark Your ROI on Home Renovations

Modesto Homeowners: How to Ballpark Your ROI on Home Renovations

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Modesto HomeownersThe real estate market is finding more people staying in their homes long-term.  There are few houses for sale and many buyers are choosing to stick with their house once they make a purchase. As a result, home renovations are seeing an uptick in activity.  

As mortgage rates start to rise, this trend will continue. This means that Modesto homeowners need to understand what home renovations are worth the investment, and which are not.

Dropping Values

Remodeling a Modesto house used to be a great way to add value to the property.  Owners could replace the roof and do a major overhaul of the kitchen and expect to see a huge in price.  Currently, these returns on investments are not nearly as high.

There are many Modesto homes that need to be renovated before they can be sold.  There have been record-breaking amounts of natural disasters that have affected many neighborhoods.  These houses are in no condition to be put on the market.  For the owners to make any money back on their investments they will need to pour money into repairing these homes.

High-End Remodels

Remodeling a Modesto house can be worth the investment for someone that is planning on spending their lives in the home.  A Modesto homeowner that expects to sell the house down the road should tread carefully with remodels.  High-end remodels are not providing great returns on investments.

High-end remodels include totally gutting rooms and rebuilding them, adding an addition onto the house, and adding a garage.  These investments take a lot out of an owner’s cash reserves but are not adding as much value to properties as before.  

This trend has been steadily increasing with no sign of changing.  Real estate professionals are not ready to appraise houses at a higher price for high-end remodels.  There are rising problems with financing houses and there have been changes to the tax laws around selling and buying houses.  All these factors are leaving Modesto owners with houses that are not worth much more after major home renovations.

Simple Modesto Home Renovations

With all of the above being said, do not be afraid of remodeling a Modesto house.  Just be smart about what remodels to undertake.  

Smaller and simple Modesto home renovations are showing a much higher return on investment.  Real estate professionals are finding the smaller remodels are adding more value to houses than the major undertakings some remodels require.

All pricing does depend on where the house is located.  Different areas will find certain renovations worth more or less depending on their functionality.  

Outside Home Renovations

The  b home renovations that are giving owners the highest return on investments are those done outside.  Replacing a garage door, adding in a deck or porch, or even updating the look of a house are increasing the value of houses.

Avoid major renovations in bedrooms, kitchens or bathrooms.  These renovations do not always add value to the house because they tend to be very personal.  The style a Modesto homeowner renovates their bedroom, kitchen or bathroom in is not going to fit all buyers.  The new buyer is likely to change or renovate these areas again.

Renovating a Modesto house can help an owner sell for more.  However, the areas that should be renovated are changing.  To add the most value to a property a Modesto owner should focus on the outside of the house and consider taking on only smaller renovations.  The return on investment on large renovation projects is not always near what it used to be.

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