Selling a Tracy House Quickly in 8 Steps

Selling a Tracy House Quickly in 8 Steps

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Selling a Tracy HouseSelling a Tracy house for a great price means that a homeowner must be patient.  It is an exhausting process to sell a house, especially if still living in it.

If looking to sell quickly take these eight steps to ensure the Tracy house is ready for the sale.

Using Professional Photos

Hiring a staging company when selling a Tracy house can help the house look its best.  If the family is not living in the house this is ideal so there are presentable furniture and it will still have that lived in look.  After the Tracy home is staged be sure to get a professional photographer to get the best pictures possible.

Great pictures can bring in many offers and potential buyers.  Many buyers fall in love with a Tracy house simply from their pictures.  They will head to a showing with the intention of making an offer on the home.


A drab and dark Tracy house is not going to be appealing.  Make sure there are new light bulbs of the highest wattage in every light fixture.  Use natural lighting when available.

If showing the Tracy house open all of the curtains and leave the lights on so the house looks brighter.  Putting a fresh coat of a light paint can also help rooms seem larger and brighter.

Cleaning and Organizing

If the Tracy house is staged, it is ready for potential buyers.  For the homeowner that is still living in the house, all personal items need to be packed away.  Anything that could remind a buyer that this is someone’s home should be gone.

If possible these items should not be in a closet or storage area.  Completely take them off the property.  Full storage areas will make the house seem like it does not have ample storage available.

Storage Unit

To properly declutter when selling a house a Tracy homeowner is going to need a storage unit.  Over the years people accumulate stuff.  There will always be items in a house that no one really uses but no one wants to throw away either.

The general rule is that one-third of items in a home can typically be packed away.  These items can be stored in a storage unit that is not on the property.  Using a portable storage unit can make it easier to move since it can just be sent to the new house.

Renovations and Upgrades

Choosing which renovation or upgrade to make can be hard.  Many people look for new kitchens and bathrooms when viewing houses.  That does not mean that they are willing to foot the bill for a renovation that cost the owner $30k.

Make small upgrades in these areas like updating paint, floors, and lighting fixtures.  Choosing one appliance to upgrade and create a talking point, without a large sum of money needed.

Updating the Landscaping

The first part of a Tracy house a person will see is the yard.  A shabby looking yard will make many buyers turn and run.  An appealing and well-kept yard is going to instill confidence in the buyer that the house is good quality.

Make sure the grass and bushes are neatly trimmed.  Update the paint on the trim and power wash the siding.  Even add a few planters with colorful flowers to really welcome in the buyers.


Use social media to get the word out about the Tracy house.  Many people are willing to share a friend’s post about a house for sale.  This can help the post spread quickly and to many people that the homeowner may not know.

Even though an agent is also advertising the house, letting as many people know about the sale as possible is key to a quick sale.

Time The Sale

The best time to put a house up for sale is in the summer or spring.  This is when more people are looking to move and buy houses.  While this means the Tracy market will be ready for a sale, it also means everyone else is going to list their house.  The buyers will have an upper hand and be able to be picky about what house they want to see.

There is always a choice when selling a Tracy house, to sell for a higher price or to sell quickly.  Sometimes these two choices coincide and a seller finds the right buyer quickly.  More often than not a Tracy seller must compromise somewhere.  If they need to sell soon, the price of the house will likely need to be lower.  By taking these above steps a house will be ready to show and to sell quickly.

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