Selling a Tracy House: How to Shorten Time on the Market

Selling a Tracy House: How to Shorten Time on the Market

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Selling a Tracy HouseWhen starting the process of selling a Tracy house many homeowners wonder how long it will take.  While this can vary greatly depending on the area and the house it typically takes around two months to sell.

There are many different components that go into how quickly a Tracy house will sell.  Where the house is located, the price, timing and the housing market can all affect how long a house is on the Tracy market.


Where a Tracy house is located cannot be changed but it can be a big factor in how quickly a sale will go through.  The more buyers in the Tracy area, the more likely the house will sell.  Areas that are family oriented and close to public transport are likely to sell faster.  If it is an undesirable location due to crime or flooding the house may have a harder time being sold.

The rating of the school district may also affect how quickly someone sells.  If the schools are rated very high people will want to move their families into the area.  This will make any houses for sale in high demand.  This can even help to bump up the asking price for the house.


Selling a Tracy house with a lower price tag is always easier than selling a house with a high price tag if they are of similar quality.  An expensive home, even if the price is justified, is hard to sell.  There are not many buyers on the market that can afford a very expensive house.

Pricing a home according to the average in the area can help to offset a higher price tag.  Buyers will always look at a less expensive house that is just as nice.

Pricing is difficult but with some research in the current housing market in the Tracy neighborhood, it can be easier.  See what similar Tracy houses are selling for and price slightly lower.  This will help draw in much more interest in the house.  If the house is desirable it could be the start of a bidding war and the price may be driven back up to a more attractive point.


While people are always looking at Tracy houses, it can sometimes be easier to sell a house during the spring or summer.  Buyers want to get into a house before the next school year begins.  This does mean the market will be flooded with all of the houses looking to sell during this season.

Housing Market

The more houses for sale, the harder it will be to sell.  If there are a lot of houses for sale in the Tracy area buyers will have more to choose from.  That means they can be picky in what they are looking for and will want to negotiate on price.  In a flooded market, it is best to price competitively.

Tips for Selling a Tracy House Quickly

Always put a Tracy house up for sale after repairs have been made.  Making promises to fix something before the house is sold will turn away many buyers or they will want a discounted price.  Even if these items do not feel like they are a necessity to be completed the buyers will notice.  It is much better to complete repairs, renovations, and updates before putting the house on the market.

After completing repairs be sure to deep clean the entire house.  Store any personal items and move as much clutter out of the home as possible.  Staging can be a great way to help a home be presentable for buyers.

Even if staging costs too much you can do it without a professional.  Instead, grab a friend. Ask them to go through the home and offer feedback on any issues they noticed. By having fresh eyes look at the house, you will be able to uncover issues you have become blind to.

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