Stockton Home Improvements and the Need for a Contract

Stockton Home Improvements and the Need for a Contract

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Stockton Home ImprovementsStockton home improvements are an exciting endeavor.  At least at first. When trying to improve the Stockton home with a do it yourself project things can certainly go awry.  With most major Stockton home improvements, it is easier to hire a contractor and let them worry about any problems that come up.  The only issue is when a contractor problem becomes a legal problem for the Stockton homeowner.

Always Sign a Contract

When using a contractor for home improvements be sure to always sign a contract.  This is going to protect the Stockton homeowner from any unexpected accidents or problems that occur.  Remember to include every detail of the project.  Outline what will need to take place to complete the project and the cost of the whole project once complete.  Always use legal names and have everyone’s name accounted for.  Whoever is overseeing the workers should provide their name and address.

Document all contractor’s license numbers and their tax ID number.  This will make it easier to reference later.  Make a calendar of the times and dates of when the workers are allowed on the property to work.  Be sure to include a clear start date and a date for when the work should be finished.  If the work goes over the finish date state if there will be a penalty per day that it takes to complete the work.

Address any responsibility of the Stockton homeowners in the contract.  If they are providing materials, picking out colors, selecting fixtures, or any other parts of the process they are going to be involved in.  If the owner is letting the contractor select materials always document the cost on all labor and materials.

Learn about any subcontractors.  When using subcontractors under the initial contractor the license numbers for everyone should be listed along with their names.  That way everyone has access to who is coming into the home at that time.


To avoid any legal trouble make sure all contractor workers have compensation insurance.  Do not take their word for it, either.  Get proof that they are all insured or it can come back to haunt a homeowner with legal fees.  If the job is particularly dangerous the contractor should get an endorsement on the insurance.  This endorsement will add the homeowner as additionally insured for the project.

Follow Up

A Stockton homeowner should talk with their own insurance and the contractor’s insurance company to understand what is covered.  In the circumstance that the Stockton homeowner is responsible for an injury, it is best to know beforehand what the coverage will be like. If the current plan does not have any coverage for situations it may be time to reevaluate the plan.

More Than Compensation

Not only should a contractor have compensation insurance, they should also have liability insurance for their workers.  Always follow up with any insurance information provided to ensure the policies are still active.  They will be able to provide the specifics on what the plan covers as well.

Always specify in the contract that any payments for subcontractors or general employees will be paid from the contractor hired.  If this clause is not included the employees could come after the owner for the unpaid work, instead of getting it from the contractor.

In an ideal world, there is no need for insurance or contracts.  Every job runs smoothly and each employee leaves happy and healthy.  Unfortunately, working with Stockton home improvements can be a dangerous job.  Whether the person is careful or not there can be serious injuries sustained or other expensive problems can pop up.  Protection against these problems comes in the form of a well-formatted contract.

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