Surprising Ways for Tracy Home Buyers to Negotiate

Surprising Ways for Tracy Home Buyers to Negotiate

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Tracy Home BuyersIf you are Tracy home buyers who find themselves a good ways down down the home buying road, chances are you have shopped around for the perfect property for quite a while until you found a place you love.  After being approved for a mortgage, you’ve now made an offer on the Tracy property.  This is an exciting yet nerve racking time for Tracy home buyers.  With some luck you will find yourself in favorable negotiations with the seller.

But did you know you can negotiate on more than just the price?  With bidding wars happening constantly, it’s time for Tracy home buyers to get creative when it’s time to negotiate.  This strategy can include offering to take on additional costs, skipping a home inspection and letting the seller move at their own pace.  

These kinds of concessions can put your offer to the top of the pile but they can also be useful for the seller, too.  While the luxury market might not be as competitive, mid range-homes are still low in inventory.  With that in mind, here are a few creative ways Tracy home buyers can negotiate.

Closing Costs

Both Tracy home buyers and sellers have closing costs when it’s time to buy and sell a property.  One of the most frequent ways to offer a concession in a deal is to offer to pay the closing costs.  In a buyers market, seller’s can offer to pay closing costs. But now that most areas are in a seller’s market, the buyer would be offering to cover the costs.

It might not seem like much but the process to transfer taxes, title insurance, etc add up. Offering to pay for them is a big incentive for a seller to pick your offer.  It’s an easy way to ease the burden for the Tracy seller.


Taxes are often considered part of the closing costs on the Tracy seller’s side. Some areas have their own transfer taxes and fees when a home is sold.  If you are looking to make your offer stand out, you can offer to pay for the taxes.  If you can’t afford all of the taxes, you can offer to cover half or a portion.


What is included in the sale of a Tracy house can vary. Sometimes light fixtures and appliances are covered but other times they are only included if written in the contract.

This is not always obvious to every Tracy home buyer.  Window treatments and chandeliers can be very attractive to home buyers. However, these fixtures can even be family heirlooms.  

In this case, the negotiation works in reverse.  Tell the sellers you don’t need their appliances, window treatments or fixtures and let them take them along when they move.


Furniture is not included in the sale and will leave with the seller when they move out.  But if you love the furniture, you can always make an offer separate from the purchase of the Tracy property.  

In some cases the seller will be thrilled because it might be too big or not the right style for their new home. An extra $20,000 offer in furnishings can be very tempting even if your home offer might be a little lower.

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