This is Why Your Tracy Home is Not Selling

This is Why Your Tracy Home is Not Selling

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Tracy HomeIs your Tracy house currently for sale on the market? Or are you getting ready to list your home? If you can say “yes” to either of those questions then you want to make sure you know the reasons why your Tracy home is not selling or how prevent your home listing from going stale.

If your Tracy home is not selling, review the common home seller mistakes below and make as many adjustments as you can.

  1. You Are Not Getting In Front of the Right Buyers

When selling your Tracy home you need to get in front of as many potential buyers as possible. And this includes real estate investors like Properties 180. We have the ability to close on your Tracy house FAST. In most cases we can offer a cash deal.

  1. You Have a Poor Online Listing

Your Tracy home could be perfectly appealing in person, but have uninspiring pictures. This can have a major impact on your success. You have to understand that online listing pictures are representing your home to all of the online prospective buyers.

Most Tracy buyers will look at your home on the internet before even considering whether or not to see it in person. If the home has no appeal online, there will be no follow up visit.

  1. Your Home is too Personal

When you are selling your Tracy home you must appeal to potential buyers. If they cannot see themselves living in your home because all they can see if you living in your home, they will quickly move on to the next house.

To make your house less personal, decorate and paint in neutral colors and decorations. When a potential buyer comes to look at your Tracy home make sure you are not there. Buyers need to be able to comfortably look at the house and see if they can see themselves calling it home.

  1. You Are Overlooking the Small Things

Your Tracy home needs the same level of attention that you would expect when you dropped your car off to get detailed. Leaving things messy, cluttered, or falling apart will either scare off potential buyers or drive your asking price down significantly.

You can also consider hiring a professional staging company to help put your Tracy home on display. Depending on your skills and time, you may also need to hire a handyman and landscaper to freshen things up and take care of those items that are sure to negatively influence potential buyers.

  1. Poor Pricing

One big reason your Tracy home is not selling could simply be because your asking price is too high. This is often a sticking point for sellers as they either need a certain selling price or they are insulted by being told their home is not worth what it is listed at.

Tracy home sellers need to always keep in mind that the market is responsible for setting the listing price.

If your Tracy home is not selling because it is listed too high then you need to act quickly to avoid losing any more potential buyers. Call our team at Properties 180 today if you are interested in selling your home fast.

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