Should Tracy Home Sellers Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Should Tracy Home Sellers Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

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Home InspectionIt is common to think that home inspections only happen during the due diligence process after a home is already under contract.  But Tracy home sellers can actually get an inspection before they list.  Why would home sellers ever pay for an inspection? Is a pre-listing worth it?

The quick answer is yes, there are actually a number of solid reasons for Tracy home sellers to consider getting a pre-listing.

If Tracy home sellers want to avoid some of the costly surprises a home inspection may bring up, opting for a pre-listing home inspection prior to putting on the market can help. This gives home sellers a thorough report before they list their house on the market. By having this info early, sellers can take those notes and make repairs before buyers start seeing your house.  

Taking action before listing could help to alleviate a deal falling apart due to structural or maintenance problems. Because once there are known problems with a house on the market it could lead to other potential buyers steering clear of a Tracy property.

When considering a pre-listing inspection Tracy home sellers should know that it is no more expensive than an inspection that is done under contract. On average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $475 depending on location and whether the inspection includes special checks like those for radon or termites.  

To help reinforce why a pre-listing home inspection can be a good move for home sellers, find below additional factors home sellers should consider.

Knowledge is (Pricing) Power

All Tracy houses have their share of problems and home sellers most likely are at least somewhat aware of issues in the home.  For example, there might be a door with a draft or a window with a leak. When you do a pre-listing inspection you can see all of the problems together. This will give home sellers the knowledge to either leave it alone or make some repairs.  

Some things you discover may be tiny issues while others may be larger. But once you have the report in your hand, you can’t deny that any of these problems exist.  You’ll be required to disclose any and all information from the report.


Home sellers will be able to perform some of the simple repairs on their own.  Having advanced notice gives you extra time to tackle some projects before you list.

By waiting to make improvements, home buyers may put forward a request for repairs. At this point, Tracy home sellers will most likely have to hire a pro because you are short on time.  

The bottom line is if you take care of it ahead of time, you won’t have to worry about it later.

Contractor Timelines

For those bigger projects that do require professionals to come out, time is also on your side when your home isn’t yet on the market. Rather than needing someone to fix your foundation in a specific time frame, you can shop around for the right price, availability and skill to ensure you’re satisfied with the work.

Reduced Contingencies

It’s not always guaranteed, but if you have a clean inspection on your Tracy home, the buyer might just accept those results. If this happens, it is one less contingency on the sale of your home.

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