7 Tips for Writing a Stanislaus Home Offer You Won’t Regret

Posted by Raul Luna // June 19, 2017

It can be difficult to buy a Stanislaus house in the seller’s market that is underway. When you find the house of your dreams it is easy to start dreaming of all the wonderful memories you will be creating in the house. However, you have to slow down. Your first step toward achieving your dream […]

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Need to sell your home fast? Investor buyer vs retail buyer

Posted by Raul Luna // June 14, 2017

Ring! Ring! Ring! 76-year-old landlord called us from one of our direct mail campaigns with an urgency to sell fast. Her property had been burned down seven months prior. Due to this, other problems developed, such as homeless people moving into the property. They were trashing the place and doing inappropriate activities. This highly irritated […]

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Want to Sell Your Stockton House? Don’t Make These Mistakes.

Posted by Raul Luna // May 14, 2017

Sell Your Stockton House

The time has come for you to sell your Stockton house. Whether you are moving because you have to or because you want to, the selling process is not always an easy one. Many Stockton homeowners believe all they need to do is put their house on the California market and the offers will start […]

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Modesto Homebuyers: 15-Year Mortgage vs. 30-Year

Posted by Raul Luna // April 12, 2017

Modesto homebuyers will be faced with several different options when you are obtaining a mortgage. One of the biggest options you will have to choose from is the length of your loan. Many Modesto homebuyers choose the traditional 30-year mortgage, but that does not necessarily mean that it is the best option for you. As […]

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This is Why Your Tracy Home is Not Selling

Posted by Raul Luna // March 19, 2017

Tracy Home

Is your Tracy house currently for sale on the market? Or are you getting ready to list your home? If you can say “yes” to either of those questions then you want to make sure you know the reasons why your Tracy home is not selling or how prevent your home listing from going stale. […]

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Merced Home Sellers: 5 Terrible Reasons to Overprice Your House

Posted by Raul Luna // January 13, 2017

Chances are that you have heard stories of Merced home sellers who have sold their homes well over asking price. But this does not happen because the seller started out asking more than the house was worth on the market. There are many reasons why Merced home sellers overprice their homes and these are five […]

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Manteca Homeowners: Can’t Afford Your Mortgage? We Can Help.

Posted by Raul Luna // December 19, 2016

No Manteca homeowner plans on reaching the point that they can’t afford to make their monthly mortgage payment, but sometimes, due to unexpected situations, it happens. If you are going to be unable to make one of your mortgage payments, it is important to know the right way to handle it. Since there is no […]

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