Selling a Tracy House Quickly in 8 Steps

Posted by Raul Luna // November 13, 2017

Selling a Tracy House

Selling a Tracy house for a great price means that a homeowner must be patient.  It is an exhausting process to sell a house, especially if still living in it. If looking to sell quickly take these eight steps to ensure the Tracy house is ready for the sale. Using Professional Photos Hiring a staging […]

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Stockton Home Improvements and the Need for a Contract

Posted by Raul Luna // November 6, 2017

Stockton Home Improvements

Stockton home improvements are an exciting endeavor.  At least at first. When trying to improve the Stockton home with a do it yourself project things can certainly go awry.  With most major Stockton home improvements, it is easier to hire a contractor and let them worry about any problems that come up.  The only issue […]

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Mortgages for Self-Employed Manteca Borrowers

Posted by Raul Luna // October 30, 2017

Self-Employed Manteca Borrowers

Mortgages can be difficult to obtain, especially in the market today.  Many self-employed Manteca borrowers have an even harder time getting a mortgage from a lender, not because of their income but because of their credit scores.  Many self-employed Manteca borrowers have a credit score that is under 700 even though they typically make more […]

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Selling a Tracy House: How to Shorten Time on the Market

Posted by Raul Luna // October 23, 2017

Selling a Tracy House

When starting the process of selling a Tracy house many homeowners wonder how long it will take.  While this can vary greatly depending on the area and the house it typically takes around two months to sell. There are many different components that go into how quickly a Tracy house will sell.  Where the house […]

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4 Factors in Selling a Modesto House Fast

Posted by Raul Luna // October 16, 2017

Modesto House

Each seller wants to sell their Modesto house fast, but that doesn’t always happen. While it’s easy to think that the Modesto sellers who do were just lucky, luck has nothing to do with it. There are specific things that the seller can control that help determine how fast (or slow) a Modesto house is […]

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How Much Do Closing Costs Cost?

Posted by Raul Luna // October 9, 2017

If you are in the middle of a Manteca real estate transaction, no matter whether you are selling or purchasing a home, then you are likely aware that there are closing costs involved when it comes to the completion of the Manteca house’s sale. Closing costs help to cover the expenses that are connected to […]

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Homes Tracy CA Inspection Finds You Need to Fix Right Away

Posted by Raul Luna // October 2, 2017

Homes Tracy CA

Looking to sell your Tracy home as quickly as possible? Then you are probably going through the motions right now of working together with a real estate agent, creating your home’s listing, and getting your home all ready to go for the market. One other important step sellers need to take during this process is […]

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5 Ways to Save When Modesto House Hunting

Posted by Raul Luna // September 25, 2017

Modesto House

Are you a bargain hunter? Do you love scouring the ads each week to see what special deals await you? Or maybe you spend your lunch break or Saturday clipping coupons or checking the online discounts. You can find a deal on just about anything. Unfortunately, Modesto house hunting isn’t exactly like bargain hunting. There […]

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5 Improvements That Will Help Sell Your Merced Home Fast

Posted by Raul Luna // September 11, 2017

Sell Your Merced Home

Are you looking to sell your Merced home more quickly? Research shows that there are specific factors that you can improve upon within your home that will help you to speed along your Merced home selling process. Here in this article, we will take a look at five of the biggest factors that you can […]

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Manteca Home Staging Essentials

Posted by Raul Luna // September 4, 2017

Manteca Home Staging

While it might feel differently, selling your Manteca home should not be extremely personal. In fact, you want to try and detach yourself from any emotional feeling altogether – the complete opposite approach of buying a house. And this is where Manteca home staging comes into play. Manteca home staging allows you to remove your […]

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