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Should Tracy Home Sellers Get a Pre-Listing Home Inspection?

Posted by Raul Luna // May 28, 2018

Home Inspection

It is common to think that home inspections only happen during the due diligence process after a home is already under contract.  But Tracy home sellers can actually get an inspection before they list.  Why would home sellers ever pay for an inspection? Is a pre-listing worth it? The quick answer is yes, there are […]

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How Do Manteca Home Sellers Handle the Cash?

Posted by Raul Luna // May 14, 2018

Manteca Home Sellers

For most of the country, it’s a seller’s market.  Houses are going fast with some being bought up as fast as they go on the market.  If you’re Manteca home sellers, that is good news.  You can get a higher price for your Manteca house which means you might have money in your pocket after […]

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A Guide for Stockton Home Sellers and Disclosure

Posted by Raul Luna // April 30, 2018

Stockton Home Sellers

As Stockton home sellers, knowing what needs to be disclosed and what does not can be a tricky tightrope to walk when it’s time to sell your house. Stockton home sellers have a legal obligation to disclose current and past problems to potential buyers.  But how extensive is that obligation? Buyers want to know exactly […]

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Are You Moving? Here’s How it Will Affect Your Taxes

Posted by Raul Luna // April 9, 2018


It’s a new year which means a new tax season is upon us.  No matter how you file your taxes you’ll be asked the question: did you move last year? This easy “yes” or “no” question can lead to many more questions and those will determine how much money you get back from the IRS. […]

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Now is the Time to Sell Your Tracy House

Posted by Raul Luna // April 2, 2018

Sell Your Tracy House

The housing market supply is still tight. So if you haven’t given much thought to listing your home this year, you might want to rethink it. According to a recent survey, 31% of people feel that 2018 is a better year to sell your Tracy house than 2017.   Regardless of how enthusiastic people seem, […]

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Keys for a Fast Modesto Home Sale

Posted by Raul Luna // March 19, 2018

Fast Modesto Home Sale

A Modesto home sale that drags on for months with no interest from potential buyers is every seller’s nightmare. While there are never any guarantees when it comes to a fast Modesto home sale, there are many studies that have been done on the subject. If you want to sell a Modesto house fast, consider […]

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Little Mistakes that Can Cost Tracy Home Sellers Big Money

Posted by Raul Luna // March 5, 2018

Tracy Home Sellers

It is likely that Tracy home sellers will hit a few bumps along the way, especially if they have not sold a property before. While some mistakes will not impact the process too much, others can cost Tracy home sellers. In some instances, a seemingly small mistake can cost Tracy home sellers a sale. To […]

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Modesto Homeowners: How to Ballpark Your ROI on Home Renovations

Posted by Raul Luna // February 26, 2018

Modesto Homeowners

The real estate market is finding more people staying in their homes long-term.  There are few houses for sale and many buyers are choosing to stick with their house once they make a purchase. As a result, home renovations are seeing an uptick in activity.   As mortgage rates start to rise, this trend will […]

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5 Reasons You are Struggling to Sell Your Modesto Home

Posted by Raul Luna // January 22, 2018

Modesto Home

There are a lot of factors that go into selling a Modesto home. It can be a frustrating time if your house is on the Modesto market but it isn’t getting the attention that you hope it does. The last thing you want is for your house to sit month after month. Of course, there […]

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Selling a Manteca House With Liens on the Property

Posted by Raul Luna // January 8, 2018


During the process of selling a Manteca house, many homeowners face surprises. Sometimes there are major repairs that are discovered that they did not know about, or there are liens on the property that were not known about. These surprises can bring negotiations to a screeching halt until the problem is solved. There are options […]

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